You have searched for this page because you probably have a court Judgment awarded in an Arizona Court either in Justice Court or Superior Court and have not been able to receive your money . Records indicate that up to 80% of court awarded judgments go unrecovered. That judgment is nothing more than a piece of paper.  I take a assignment on the judgment and file it with the court.  I then pursue the recovery with all legal means of recovery. You never have to talk or contact the debtor or pay any upfront or out of packet expenses.  I pay all filing fees, process server fees and investigative expenses.  I only receive a portion of the amount collected that you and I agree on. You have nothing to loose.  I am a former deputy sheriff with over 20 years of law enforcemnt experience and a graduate paralegal.  Please call me at 623-979-5058 or my Cell: 602-430-9522 for a case evaluation.  We are located in Peoria Arizona and serve all of Phoenix and Maricopa County. I also specialize in finding missing persons.

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